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Science vs. Religion

Back in the day, the 18th century mathematician Pierre-Simon Laplace wrote a highly successful book on celestial mechanics that became so popular, he was summoned to the royal palace of Emperor Napoleon. Napoleon is rumored to have asked, “Monsieur Laplace, you have not mentioned God in your book even once. Why is that”? (You see, back in those days, proper protocol dictated that God be cited a few times in any book that really mattered. Not a bad idea…) Laplace’s classic response was, “Your majesty, I have not needed that particular hypothesis.” In Laplace’s newly emerging Newtonian universe, God was simply no longer needed. Even today, it still appears that we rely on scientists to tell us what’s “real.”

   When Sir Isaac Newton popped on the scene in 1665, he truly changed the world. If you spent your Saturday mornings in the early ‘80s, plopped in front of a television with a big bowl of Honeycomb cereal like I did, I’m sure you are already aware of how the School House Rock episodes depicted Newton discovering gravity. There are many variations of the popular story that Newton was sitting under an apple tree when an apple fell and bopped him on his head. Suddenly, the Universal Law of Gravitation was born. However, I submit that apple also helped to usher God out of humanity and science, and those who understood it became the new gods. Newton went on to revolutionize science and along with James Clark Maxwell is responsible for the classic understanding of physics and how all, so it was thought, worked and could be explained. Prior to Newton, the unexplained was often attributed as simply an act of God. Now, everything could be explained with a Newtonian-Maxwellian equation.

   Following Newton, the next 400 years of science was largely built on the notion that everything was based upon matter. Matter is anything that can be touched physically. Everything in the universe (except energy) is made of matter, and, so, everything in the universe is made of atoms. Therefore, an atom is a fundamental piece of matter. As a refresher, atoms combine to make molecules, and molecules combine to make matter. Therefore, Newtonian Laws were used to explain how everything worked down to the atomic level. However!!

   Nearly 60 years ago scientists discovered that the atom could also be divided into subatomic particles consisting of a nucleus (neutron & proton) and an electron. So there you have it! Even at the subatomic level God provided a Trinitarian clue for man to discover once he was mature enough to better understand. Unfortunately, the old Newtonian ways of explaining things failed to hold up at this level and therefore ushered in a whole new level of science known as quantum physics.

***Sidebar***This is where my wife just told me that I need to simplify things and say that in the beginning God was used to explain natural phenomena until Newton and Maxwell began to gain popularity. During this time, God was explained away by classical physics until the ”unexplainable” field of quantum physics emerged where man could no longer explain what was happening at the sub atomic level. The only logical conclusion was God; despite man’s desperate attempt to understand leptons and quarks (lowest subatomic particles discovered by man.) Thank God for wives! *************

   Now, I don’t want to bore or go all egghead on you, but it is in the field of quantum physics where the metaphysical is now being explored. Quantum physics shows us that objects are really represented as waves, instead of discrete combinations of molecules found in one place at any given time. However, we understand that waves, like sound, can be at two (or more) places at the same time.


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   The quantum physics “objects are represented as a wave” concept that I just mentioned is very important for you to understand. Think back to your 4th of July celebration where you and your family sat in comfy lawn chairs watching sky-rockets explode in the air. Next to the brilliant colors, you may also recall how everyone in your party not only watched the fireworks explode but you all heard them explode as well. Each rocket that exploded was heard by everyone next to you as well as folks a few hundred yards away. Why? Because sound travels as a wave and can be multiple places at the same time like in the ears of all who heard the sky-rocket explode.
Here’s the kicker!

Your spirit is like that sound wave and exists in multiple places at the same time.

   Once this thought fully begins to sink into your soul (mind), perhaps you will begin to see the potential of strengthening your spirit so it you can perform feats like never before imagined. Miracles like Jesus!!

   Have you ever wondered how is it that mothers can possess the uncanny ability to simply “feel” that something is wrong with their children? What about that déjà-vu feeling that you’ve either seen or did something before? What about the stories of folks who recall remarkable details of places or events that happened before they were even born? Many people simply dismiss these things as “metaphysical anomalies” that can’t really be understood or explained. This is the power of consciousness, the power of your spirit.

   When we observe a quantum object, we collapse the wave into being at a single point, where we observed it. Certainly, the objects couldn’t be in two or more places at the same time. Now I know this may read like a bunch of techno-babble but bear with me. Radical concepts of time travel, telekinesis, extrasensory perception (ESP) and psychic abilities such as telepathy and clairvoyance, and their trans-temporal operation as precognition or retro cognition—even that strange intuitive sixth sense, are examples of quantum physics in action. This is about as far down the quantum physics rabbit hole as I think we should venture, but the bottom line is that we now know that something is happening at the subatomic neutron, proton & electron level but man has no idea what it is. Many have begun to label it “consciousness,” but I see it more as simply God’s domain where only a few are allowed to access via the supernatural gifts that He has blessed us with.

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   In the Newtonian realm of matter, it seems like man’s only desire had become how could he possess it in all forms and as much of it as possible. This is now known as “material realism” where God has been replaced by our pursuit for bigger cars, bigger homes, bigger careers and even bigger bank accounts…so we can do what? Now that the world is beginning to understand that consciousness is the basis of everything instead of matter, will this spark a paradigm shift away from materialism into monistic idealism? Monistic idealism is the antithesis of material realism and is best described as the basis of all being. In other words, atoms, neutrons, protons and electrons are all made of consciousness and not vice versa.

About the Author: James Hackley earned a B.S. degree in Physics from Longwood College and an M.S. degree in Engineering from the University of Virginia.  He's the founder of Omega Consulting Enterprises, chaplain of a local chapter of Omega Psi Phi fraternity, and faithfully attends Holy & Whole Life Changing Ministries International in Lansdowne, Va. His latest book, Body, Mind & Spirit: The Awakening can be purchased by visiting him at ,, and

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