Friday, May 3, 2013

Operation Fighting Trim 40-day Fat Loss Journal: 17.4 lbs in 40 Days!

In 2012, my local chapter (Sigma Mu Mu) of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity began the “Operation Fighting Trim” health initiative to inspire Brothers to get in shape and make healthy lifestyle choices.  This initiative was a huge success where 39 members lost a combined total of 337 lbs of fat over a 12-month period. One Brother even shed an amazing 80 lbs!

However, in 2013 when we endeavored to repeat our past success the wheels began to fall off. In fact, this is a copy of the email that I sent to the entire chapter at the end of March:


We have now GAINED a collective 47.4 lbs since the beginning of the year, and that's not a good thing. As I spoke with many of you last night during the weigh in there was a surprising feeling that "I'm good." However, if the following applies to you, you may not be as "good" as you think because not all weight is good weight.
·        Are you currently taking medication(s) for high blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, or a heart condition?
·        Have you been diagnosed or suspected of having sleep apnea?
·        Are you within 20 lbs of your college weight?
·        Can you run 3 miles in less than 30 minutes?
These are just a few of the questions we each need to ask ourselves and then respond accordingly. 

I truly believe that the “Operation Fighting Trim” fat loss roster is a barometer of the overall enthusiasm of our chapter. As we continue to gain weight it indicates an apathy and complacency that will infect all that we do.  

Bruhz, let's not allow this to happen!




Shortly after sending this email out I became convicted when I began to sweep around my own doorstep. Unbeknownst to me, I too had become rather complacent and overly comfortable by settling on a maximum weight of 190 lbs.  As long as I didn’t cross the 190 lb threshold I was fine—or so I thought.

How had Mr. Body, Mind & Spirit become so dang complacent?!? When I realized what was going on I drafted the following email:


We have nearly completed three months this year, and it pains me to report that we have yet to lose a collective lb since the beginning of the year. In fact, we are currently up 10.1 lbs! Bruhz, we need to right this ship immediately! Therefore, I'm issuing a challenge to all those who would dare accept it. Please respond to this email (respond to ALL) of where we can expect to see your "weight" before the end of the year.  In addition, if you fail to meet this goal before our last December weigh-in, you also agree to stroke a check to the chapter in the amount of $10 for every lb over your target goal you fail to meet. 

Mike-Will has been the perennial "lightest" Bruh in the chapter for the past two years, at around 173 lbs, but I'm now gunnin' for his crown.  Therefore, y'all can put me down for a target weight of 173 lbs, and I'll probably be able to achieve it before the end of May with a starting weight of 186.7 lbs. 

Who's next?!?! 

"As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another."

Sending this email re-sparked a fire deep within that had grown dim over the past few years, and over the next few pages you’ll get an inside view of my 40-day Facebook journal. Unfortunately, life kept me from logging a few days, but you’ll gain an appreciation of what it took to drop 17.4 lbs of fat in 40 days!

Day 1: Operation Fighting Trim is Back!

Welp...I'm back on the wagon FB family! No more Starbucks "tall" white mochas & warmed apple fritters, no more raiding the pantry, no more food orgies while I'm on the road. Operation Fighting Trim is in full gear!

I currently weigh 186.7 lbs, and have pledged to reach the weight of 173 lbs before the end of the year. Knowing what I know, I should be able to easily accomplish this goal before the end of May--if not MUCH sooner. Despite all the crazy diets and "weight loss" philosophies out there fat loss simply comes down to three fundamental elements:

1) Consume fewer daily calories
2) Burn more daily calories
3) Build lean muscle mass

It's really just that simple! So who's with me?!?

Day 2: Operation Fighting Trim Update

In an effort to give my local chapter (Sigma Mu Mu) of Omega Psi Phi "Operation Fighting Trim" health initiative a much needed shot in the a...ummmm..I mean arm, yesterday I pledged to reach the svelte goal of 173 lbs from a starting weight of 186.7 lbs. Glory be to God, I'm happy to report that I've already dropped 2.3 lbs in less than 24 hours without starving myself. I'm now 184.4 lbs and just 11.4 lbs from my goal. How did I do it? Hard work and dedication!

Day 3: Operation Fighting Trim Update

I'm now down 3.1 lbs in just two days, and my current weight is 183.6 lbs!

Today's Revelation: Once we develop a strong core (abdominal muscles and lower back), our time in the gym would be better spent strength training and engaging in HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) exercises that burn fat. Countless core exercises will not help to reveal your six-pack trapped beneath layers of fat. ONLY time spent burning calories will!!!

Day 4: Omega Psi Phi's Operation Fighting Trim Fat Loss Challenge

I'm now down 4.4 lbs in just three days, and my current weight is 182.3 lbs. I'm now less than 10 lbs from my 173 lb goal!

Today's Revelation: While using the treadmill, stair climber, or elliptical; please DO NOT hold on the sides or read a book/magazine! Each a.m. I witness more than half of the folks in the gym spend their entire exercise time either holding onto the sides or cheating themselves by focusing on the words they're reading instead of the task at hand. Holding onto the sides simply robs them of valuable extra calories that could have been burned.

Focusing on what we are doing and getting our arms and legs into the activity is the key!

Day 5: Omega Psi Phi's Operation Fighting Trim Fat Loss Challenge

I'm now down 5.1 lbs in just four days, and my current weight is 181.6 lbs!

Today's Revelation: Ladies, if you wear tight fitting spandex to the gym, don't be offended when you catch dudes checking out your boobies and/or butt. IJS...

Day 6: Omega Psi Phi's "Operation Fighting Trim" Fat Loss Challenge

I'm now down 5.9 lbs in just five days, and my current weight is 180.8 lbs! Just 0.9 lbs away from returning to the 70's like Isaac Hayes!

Today's Revelation: I went for a five mile run early this morning in honor of the Grace my Lord has shown; five is the number of grace. It's amazing how many hidden truths one can uncover when we simply learn to quiet our minds, and listen to what nature is whispering.

Day 8: Omega Psi Phi's "Operation Fighting Trim" Fat Loss Challenge weight loss for today. In fact, the scale has me back up to 181 lbs, but I'm not stressed because I know it's just water weight. I drink water like a fish and consume more daily green tea than a shaolin monk. BTW...each 16oz bottle of water weighs around 1 lb.

Today's Revelation: Behold, how good and how pleasant it is when husband & wife are on one accord! My main squeeze decided to join me on this challenge, and I ask everyone to please encourage Angela Jones Hackley and keep her lifted in prayer. Prayer works!!!

Day 9: Omega Psi Phi's "Operation Fighting Trim" Fat Loss Challenge

Welp...the scale still has me at 180.8 lbs, so it appears I'm in the midst of the inevitable "plateau/weight loss stall." However, since I've been here before I know this too shall pass.

Today's Revelation (excerpt from the book "Body, Mind & Spirit: The Awakening"): A weight loss stall or plateau refers to an extended period of time during fat reducing efforts where there is no weight loss according to the scale and no loss of inches according to the tape measure. If you've been following your routine to the letter of the law, and it seems that the bathroom scale has become permanently stuck, take your measurements. Also notice if your clothes are getting looser, or if you can now fit into formerly tight garments. Chances are, you are continuing to lose fat, but your body is adding lean muscle tissue, especially if you’ve been strength training as well. Muscle is less bulky than fat for the same amount of weight, so your body will be smaller and leaner. If this is the case, you haven't stalled at all; your body is just recomposing itself.

This is why it's so important to record our body measurements at the very beginning, so we'll have a reference as we make progress. Don't just measure chest, waist, and hip. Other key areas to measure are neck, upper arm, thigh, and calf. It's normal for the body to go through adjustment periods while we're losing fat. A plateau lasting 3 or 4 weeks is no cause for alarm, nor is it a reason to quit. Simply check your measurements as noted above, and stick with the program. Remember, this is about making permanent, lifelong changes; a few weeks is just a brief period in the rest of our life.

One other thing to consider–are you within 5-10 lbs of your goal weight? Following a healthy eating routine and exercising may have given you an increased muscle-to-fat ratio than you had previously. As noted earlier, muscle tissue weighs more than fat, but takes up less bulk. Maybe it's time to just rethink your goal weight and be happy with the progress you’ve made. Congratulations! Now you can focus your energies on maintaining your proper weight, instead of struggling to drop a few more pounds.

Day 10: Omega Psi Phi's "Operation Fighting Trim" Fat Loss Challenge

Welp...I've officially stalled with today's weight of 181.7 lbs, and I guess that HUUUUUUUGE bowl of chicken pho didn't help yesterday. they even make small bowls of that stuff?

Today's Revelation: The best thing about fat loss stalls and plateaus is that it feels even sweeter when we finally blow through them!;)

Day 11: Omega Psi Phi's "Operation Fighting Trim" Fat Loss Challenge

Welp...if I didn't know better, I would think that somebody has been messin' with my scale because that mamma jamma hasn't moved much since Day 5! Today's weight was 181.5 lbs, but I will not be defeated! We have our official weigh-in at the chapter meeting Monday night, and I will be under 180 lbs! In fact, I've now changed my goal from 173 lbs to 169.9 lbs!

BTW...If there's anyone who always wanted to know how to shed "the last 10 lbs" please stay tuned. I will not be denied! I will not be defeated! I will not quit!

Today's Revelation: Although there are many restaurants that now sell low-calorie meals under 500 calories, please beware of the high sodium content. Sodium will cause our bodies to retain water and could be the reason for our fat loss stalls.

Day 12: Omega Psi Phi's "Operation Fighting Trim" Fat Loss Challenge

Welp...yet another day at 181.5 lbs, but I swear 'fo Richard Simmons and his ankle warmers that after my 7-mile run tomorrow morning that will change!! If there's anyone in the DMV that's up for a 7-mile run tomorrow morning @ 7 a.m. or Sunday morning @ 7 a.m. please inbox me 'cause I'm gettin' it in this weekend!!

Today's Revelation: This article is the best I've seen that describes the science behind fat loss stalls and plateaus:

The Inevitable Stall

By Diana C.
A "stall" a few weeks out is inevitable, and here's why.

Our bodies use glycogen for short term energy storage. Glycogen is not very soluble, but it is stored in our muscles for quick energy -- one pound of glycogen requires 4 lbs of water to keep it soluble, and the average glycogen storage capacity is about 2 lbs. So, when you are not getting in enough food, your body turns first to stored glycogen, which is easy to break down for energy. And when you use up 2 lbs of glycogen, you also lose 8 lbs of water that was used to store it -- voila -- the "easy" 10 lbs that most people lose in the first week of a diet.

As you stay in caloric deficit, however, your body starts to realize that this is not a short term problem. You start mobilizing fat from your adipose tissue and burning fat for energy. But your body also realizes that fat can't be used for short bursts of energy -- like, to outrun a saber tooth tiger. So, it starts converting some of the fat into glycogen, and rebuilding the glycogen stores. And as it puts back the 2 lbs of glycogen into the muscle, 8 lbs of water has to be stored with it to keep it soluble. So, even though you might still be LOSING energy content to your body, your weight will not go down or you might even GAIN for a while as you retain water to dissolve the glycogen that is being reformed and stored.

Breathe, and fuggedaboudit for a few days.

What You Can Do About a Stall or Plateau

If you are experiencing a post-op weight loss stall or plateau further out there are a few possible causes. First, check that are you really in a stall. If the scale has stopped moving you may be losing inches, so check your measurements.

Too Many Carbs?
Carbohydrates can start sneaking into your foods without you being aware of how quickly they are adding up. For more information on carbs, see our section on Carbohydrates. If you are struggling with your weight loss you may want to examine your daily carb count. You can try to keep your carbs under 50g a day and see if that makes a difference in your weight loss. Do not eat carbs before bedtime as it triggers insulin and initiates fat storage. There are some great web site resources you can use to keep track of what you are eating.

Fit Day
Spark People - If you join Spark People also join the DS group.
The Daily Plate
Calorie King

For more tips on keeping a food journal see the Personal Nutrition Guide.

Eating Enough?
If you are under-eating or go more than 4-5 hours without eating, your body will shift into fasting mode, slow your metabolism and conserve your stored energy (fat). This can contribute to a weight loss stall or plateau. Make sure you are eating small meals or small snacks throughout the day and also ensure you meet your daily protein requirements. Try eating some protein with every meal or snack. For more information on protein requirements see our section on Protein.

Drinking Enough?
An adequate level of water in your body aids in the effective breakdown of fat. The daily minimum recommendation is 64 fluid oz of water a day. If you are in ketosis you will need to drink even more water to ensure the ketones are flushed out of your system. You may also need more than the minimum amount of water if you are exercising or live in a warmer or dry environment.

Exercise can increase your metabolism and burn fat. Strength training will build muscles and will boost fat burning. In a stall you can try increasing your volume of exercise or changing up your routine to overcome a weight loss stall or plateau. If you have been doing mainly aerobic activity, try doing a bit of strength training, and if you have been doing mainly strength training, try an aerobic work-out.

The High Fat - High Calorie Stall Buster

Many DSers swear by the fat/calorie shock as an effective weight loss stall or plateau buster. Having a day of higher fat and calorie eating followed by a returning to consistent low carb eating can sometimes "shock" your body back into weight loss mode.


Day 13: Omega Psi Phi's "Operation Fighting Trim" Fat Loss Challenge

Ding...dong...the wicked fat loss stall witch is dead! I got up early this a.m., had a bio break, and hit the scale. I actually felt lighter before the "0.00" stopped flashing, and it read 179.9 lbs! I was so hyped that I had finally returned back to the 70's--after being teased a week earlier--that I IMMEDIATELY put on my running gear, grabbed a large navel orange, and hit the pavement.

I had planned on running 7 miles, but the excitement of the good news pushed me to knock out 10 miles! This morning's run was AWESOME as I encountered a herd of white tail deer, rabbits, squirrels, woodpeckers, babbling streams, and a wonderful host of God's many other creations that were just beginning their day.

When I got back home I was pleasantly surprised to see that I had already earned nearly 3,600 NikeFuel points--before 9 a.m.--and even more shocked when I got back on the scale, and it now read 178.5 lbs. I had lost an additional 1.4 lbs from the 10 mile run! AMAZING!!!

"I can do all things in Christ who strengthens me." ~ Philippians 4:13

Today's Revelation: I'm not just a warrior in God's Army; I'm an elite member of His Special Forces!!!

Day 14: Omega Psi Phi's "Operation Fighting Trim" Fat Loss Challenge

Today I'm 178.6 lbs, and I feel AWESOME!!!!

After yesterday's 10-mile run I simply did not feel like running this a.m. However, I knew I needed to get up and do something in order to hit my daily 3,000 NikeFuel point goal. Therefore, I got up, jumped roped, and even put some cones out on the lawn to run agility drills. To my surprise, my 6-yr-old daughter asked to join me, so we were both up at 7:00 a.m. gettin' it in!! Hallelujah!!!

Today's Revelation: How we choose to live influences not only our own quality of life but that of our children as well. Our children copy what they see--good or bad.

Day 15: Omega Psi Phi's "Operation Fighting Trim" Fat Loss Challenge

Each month during our chapter meeting we have the "official" weigh in, and my weight is currently 179.9 lbs. That's just 6.9 lbs shy of the 173 lb goal I set for this challenge, and only 10 lbs shy of my ultimate 169.9 lb goal. I've got this!;)

Today's Revelation: During our fat loss journeys it's best that we set small goals w/ small rewards along the way. Many are so overwhelmed when they desire to lose 50-100 lbs that they become paralyzed from the start. That's why it's best to eat the fat loss elephant one bite at a time, and enjoy every meal!;)

I started at 186.7 lbs, 15 days ago, and the #1 small goal I had for myself was to be under 180 lbs at our weigh in. That means a 6.8 lb fat loss in just 15 days! Now that my initial goal has been achieved, my reward will be a mini pineapple upside-down cake from Elaine Brown's "Laney Cakes"--while I'm in Naptown (Indianapolis) next week--and ONE "cheat meal" at Maxine's Chicken & Waffles. In fact, to burn off the calories from this reward I also plan on visiting Steffi Reina's Zumba class (if it's anywhere near downtown Indianapolis).

Success is within my grasp!!!!

Day 17: Omega Psi Phi's "Operation Fighting Trim" Fat Loss Challenge

The one-eyed bathroom floor digital demon has spoken, and it said ...180.6 lbs. This truly caused to me realize something!

Today's Revelation: After I dropped an amazing 50 lbs in just 4 short months, I unknowingly became complacent when I vowed that 190 lbs would be the maximum weight that I'd ever allow myself to reach again. Therefore, over the past year and a half, whenever the scale reached 190.x lbs I would fly into DEFCON 4 to get that number back under 190 lbs. However, what I was unknowingly allowing myself to do was carry around an extra 10 lbs of unnecessary fat.

It now appears that my body prefers to stay around 180 lbs, so today I am publicly declaring and decreeing that I will NEVER again allow myself to weigh more than 180 lbs! At this weight my blood pressure is perfect, my clothes fit perfectly, and I'm forced to really maximize time spent in the gym.


Once I touch 169.9 lbs this new high-water mark could be adjusted downwards. Stay tuned! ;)

Day 18: Omega Psi Phi's "Operation Fighting Trim" Fat Loss Challenge

Welp...I'm back at 178.8 lbs, and feel this will be the first time in a while where I will go to bed under 180 lbs and wake-up under 180 lbs.

Today's Revelation: It feels a lot better being stuck on the 170+ lbs side of a fat loss stall vs. the 180+ lbs side.

Day 20: Omega Psi Phi's "Operation Fighting Trim" Fat Loss Challenge

177.4 lbs!! I got up early this a.m. to go running, but when I checked my email I noticed that Da Bruhz would be gathering to play b-ball @ 7:30 a.m. Therefore, I dusted off my Jordan gear, and hit the courts!

Unfortunately, b-ball alone did not allow me to hit my daily 3000 NikeFuel point goal, so I came home, jumped rope, and shot more hoops. You see, I wanted to satisfy the 3000 daily goal as early as possible because in just a few hours I'll be boarding a plane for Naptown, and did not want it hanging over my head.

Today's Revelation: It's one thing to be in shape, but basketball shape is a whole other thing! However, it's the epitome of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), and as a result it helped me shed another whole lb in just one day!

Day 21: Omega Psi Phi's "Operation Fighting Trim" Fat Loss Challenge


I'll be sans scale for the next four days, so I'll be focusing on exercise for the next few days in Indy. In fact, this a.m. I got up early and went for 4-mile run with three of those miles along the beautiful canal loop.

Today's Revelation: The wonderful thing about traveling is that we're forced to change-up our regular exercise routines.

Day 22: Omega Psi Phi's "Operation Fighting Trim" Fat Loss Challenge

This is the second day without weighing myself, but I'm still grinding and reached my 3000 NikeFuel point goal.

Today's Revelation: Thank God for good friends! My friend Elaine Brown just hooked me up with this mini pineapple upside down cake, and it is INCREDIBLE!

I haven't had any desserts in the last 22 days, and to celebrate my 9 lb fat loss I specifically requested a mini "Laney Cakes"original while in Naptown. This cake is incredibly moist and tasty, and I hope I'll be able to find someone to share it with.

God is Good!!!!
 — with Elaine Brown.

Day 25: Omega Psi Phi's "Operation Fighting Trim" Fat Loss Challenge

179.9 lbs!! net GAIN from a week in Naptown was 2.5 lbs, and I must confess that I enjoyed every pound of it! However, I refuse to beat myself up on any gains because I simply refuse to allow the scale to hold my happiness hostage. And that mini pineapple upside-down cake that my Indianapolis homie Elaine Brown hooked me up with just may be the BEST dessert I've ever had. Fo' real!!

BTW...a special shout-out to my girl E for always rolling out the red carpet!!!

While in Indy my damage included:

1) Maxine's Chicken & Waffles (3 jumbo wings and a sweet potatoe waffle)
2) Major Restaurant Ethiopian Cuisine (chicken & spinach, various veggies, and waaaay too much injera)
3) Memphis Belle Soul Food ( Fried fish, fried chicken, mac & cheese, greens, and sweet potatoes. This place is INCREDIBLE!!!)
4) 3/4 of a mini pineapple upside-down cake and 2 pineapple upside-down cupcakes. Ummmmm...don't judge me!;)


Each day I worked out, ran at least 3 miles, and achieved at least 3,000 daily NikeFuel points. In addition, no matter what I ate I only drank water and unsweetened hot tea, and I NEVER get food seconds.

Today's Revelation: Just as easy as we can lose weight, we can gain it back. However, the journey is not about "weight loss"; it's about discovering a positive lifestyle that reflects the Light of God in our body, mind & spirit.

Day 26: Omega Psi Phi's "Operation Fighting Trim" Fat Loss Challenge

177.5 lbs, and I'm back on my grizzly grind!! If there's one thing I know, that's how to drop unnecessary fat with the quickness, and that's exactly what I've done sincereturning home from Indy. Experts claim that a healthy fat loss is from 2-3 lbs a week, and that's about what I've averaged with my 9.2 lb loss over the past 26 days.

Today's Revelation: Why should God trust us with the many things we ask of Him when He can't trust us to be good stewards of our temple of the Holy Spirit?

Day 27: Omega Psi Phi's "Operation Fighting Trim" Fat Loss Challenge

I have now dropped 11.6 lbs of fat over the past 27 days, and I feel INCREDIBLE!!! After my 10-mile run early this a.m. I knew I was down a few lbs, but when the scale read 175.0 lbs I was shocked!!! I'm now just 2 lbs away from my pledged "Operation Fighting Trim" goal of 173 lbs and 5.1 lbs away from my personal goal of 169.9 lbs.

Today's Revelation: There are no short-cuts to success. It comes by way of prayer, hard work, and dedication.

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." ~ Philippians 4:13\

Day 28: Omega Psi Phi's "Operation Fighting Trim" Fat Loss Challenge

175.5 lbs, and I have just completed four full weeks of this life-changing challenge. Although I'm just 5.6 lbs away from my goal this journey has never really been about the weight loss. It has reinvigorated my enthusiasm, and I pray that I have inspired a few folks along the way.

This morning, as I was knocking out my 8 miles, I passed a few folks who were preparing a portion of my course for a 5K (3.2 miles). Tears nearly welled-up in my eyes as I thanked God for giving me the strength and dedication to run a 5K every morning for the last 28 days. My morning runs have not been about ribbons, medals, racing bibs, hydration stations, or even finish lines. I run because that's where I truly met The Lord and now endeavor to seek His face whenever I lace up my running shoes. Running is my praise!!!

Today's Revelation: "Now unto Him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us." ~ Ephesians 3:20

Day 29: Omega Psi Phi's "Operation Fighting Trim" Fat Loss Challenge

174.8 lbs, and now just 1.8 lbs from my Operation Fighting Trim pledge of 173 lbs! Watch out Mike Williamson!

I don't know if it was my indulgence(s) in Indy or the two tbsp of red apple vinegar I've been taking before each meal and before going to bed, but the fat has been melting away over the past few days.

Last Wednesday night when I returned from Indy the first thing I did, upon entering my home, was to hit the scale for an "unofficial" weighing. I wasn't really surprised when the scale read 183 lbs because of my few days of indulgence plus the added weight of the liquids and food I had ingested earlier in the day. However, I knew that I could get back under 180 lbs for the"official" weigh-in the next morning, and that's EXACTLY what I did. However, according to the scale I've still shed over 8 lbs in less than one week, and a total of 11.9 lbs over the past 29 days. That's AWESOME!!!

Today's Revelation: "A true friend will meet you where you are, take you where you need to be, and never tell a soul about your journey." I pray everyone who reads these words is blessed with at least one true friend.

Day 31: Omega Psi Phi's "Operation Fighting Trim" Fat Loss Challenge

175.2 lbs, and I'm down 11.5 lbs in my first month! I have just 5.3 lbs remaining until I hit my ultimate goal of 169.9 lbs, but I'm VERY happy where I am now. I've packed on much more muscle since the last time I was 175 lbs, so I'm curious to see where my new "natural weight" settles. And if it's 175 lbs, like the old gospel song says "I Won't Complain."

Today's Revelation: At least every 30 days we need to shake-up our exercise and eating routines to keep our body guessing. The body longs for equilibrium, and that's why we often experience those frustrating fat loss plateaus and stalls.

Day 32: Omega Psi Phi's "Operation Fighting Trim" Fat Loss Challenge

174.6 lbs, and the day was so beautiful that I even did some "BarTending" at the park with my daughter. Fitness is not about where we are; it's about who we are.

Today's Revelation: A little over two years ago when I first began my journey, it was pure torture just to run to the end of the block. Now, I'm running 14-18 miles each weekend without even missing a beat. Hang in there fitness family! You only fail if you quit.

Day 33: Omega Psi Phi's "Operation Fighting Trim" Fat Loss Challenge

174.4 lbs, and I'm knocking on the door of 173 lbsdom! Tomorrow morning I will have the opportunity to run along the old roads where I was raised, and if I get chased by one of those country dogs I'mma get my Usain Bolt on!

Today's Revelation: The only thing better than "going home" is going home a better person.

Day 34: Omega Psi Phi's "Operation Fighting Trim" Fat Loss Challenge

172.2 lbs, and I've just surpassed my original pledge to reach 173 lbs! This means in the last 34 days I've dropped 14.5 lbs from my starting weight of 186.7 lbs, and I'm now just 2.3 lbs from my ultimate goal of 169.9 lbs. I can see it happening SOON!

Today's Revelation: This morning I went for an early a.m. run along the same roads I grew up on in Culpeper, Va., and it was incredible! However, the one thing about running on country roads is the country dogs you're bound to attract. Sure enough, there I was running along, and all of a sudden I hear two big dogs barking. They started racing towards me, and was I frightened? Not at all!! When I run, I run with Holy Ghost boldness and protection, so I simply declared to those country canines "Peace be still." Besides, if they had attacked me I would have sued their owners BIG TIME, and made a deposit on my mansion in Creighton Farms!;)

Bottom line, there are all types excuses why we can't exercise while we are away from home but only one reason why we should. Because it's the right thing to do...

Day 35: Omega Psi Phi's "Operation Fighting Trim" Fat Loss Challenge

172.3 lbs!! When we drop more than 2 lbs in a SINGLE day there's often a haunting thought that maybe something is wrong with the scale. However, when you hit it two days in a row Glory be to God!!

Today's Revelation: It's pointless to reach a weight loss goal that we can't maintain in a healthy manner. If we have to eat less then 1,200 calories each day, that's not healthy. If we have to spend three hours each day in a gym, that's not healthy. If we obsess over every bite and beat ourselves up when we simply enjoy ourselves, that's not healthy.

Day 36: Omega Psi Phi's "Operation Fighting Trim" Fat Loss Challenge

172.2 lbs, and inching towards 171 lbsdom!! In fact, by the time I "process" all the agua fresca I've been drinking, I might just be back in the 60s like Otis Day and the Knights!

Today's Revelation: When all you've been drinking is water and unsweetened hot tea for the past 30+ days, agua fresca tastes like nectar from the gods. It's all relative!

Day 38: Omega Psi Phi's "Operation Fighting Trim" Fat Loss Challenge

171.3 lbs, and I plan on hitting my 169.9 lb goal before the weekend is over. Therefore, I've already started to think about where I will take the family for a celebratory dinner. Right now it's a close race between Blue Ridge Grill in Brambleton, Va., that serves a bangin' salmon salad, and an Ethiopian restaurant in Herndon, Va. Either way, we can't lose!

Today's Revelation: Once we change the way we think we often change the way we celebrate.

Day 39: Omega Psi Phi's "Operation Fighting Trim" Fat Loss Challenge

170.4 lbs, and how fitting it is that I will accomplish my ultimate 169.9 lb goal tomorrow in EXACTLY 40 days!

Today's Revelation:

Then Jesus was led by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil. After fasting forty days and forty nights, he was hungry. The tempter came to him and said, “If you are the Son of God, tell these stones to become bread.”

Jesus answered, “It is written: ‘Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.’”

Then the devil took him to the holy city and had him stand on the highest point of the temple. “If you are the Son of God,” he said, “throw yourself down. For it is written:

“‘He will command his angels concerning you,
and they will lift you up in their hands,
so that you will not strike your foot against a stone.’”

Jesus answered him, “It is also written: ‘Do not put the Lord your God to the test.’”

Again, the devil took him to a very high mountain and showed him all the kingdoms of the world and their splendor. “All this I will give you,” he said, “if you will bow down and worship me.”

Jesus said to him, “Away from me, Satan! For it is written: ‘Worship the Lord your God, and serve him only.’”

Then the devil left him, and angels came and attended him. ~ Matthew 4:1-11

The Bible tells us that “40” is the number of testing, trials, and tribulations, and the passage above is an excellent example of what Jesus experienced (40 days in the desert) immediately after He was baptized by John the Baptist, and “the Holy Spirit fell upon Him.” Additional examples of the significance of the number 40 can be found when examining: the length of time Moses spent in the desert after first fleeing Egypt (40 years), the length of time it rained on Noah (40 days), or the length of time the Hebrews spent wandering the desert (40 years) after Moses led them all out of Egypt.

Tomorrow, I will once again be led out of the desert of complacency!

Day 40: Omega Psi Phi's "Operation Fighting Trim" Fat Loss Challenge

169.3 lbs, 7-8% body fat, and in the best shape of my entire life! And that's a total of 17.4 lbs of fat gone in the last 40 days! Some folks thought it was a bit presumptuous of me to "assume" yesterday that I would reach my goal today and in exactly 40 days. However, the Word gives us the assurance that we can "speak those things that be not as though they were." Therefore, I knew today would be the day!

Today's Revelation:

I truly pray this 40-day journey has inspired at least one person to either begin, continue, or become more focused on their fat loss and healthy lifestyle journey. We only get one body Family, so it's best that we take good care of it, so it can take great care of us.

Author Biography and Book Synopsis

James Hackley just may be the most blessed individual you’ll ever meet. Despite a highly successful sales & marketing career that has spanned the last two decades, his true “calling” is touching the lives of others and inspiring them to want to change for the better.  As a result of a major epiphany, James was able to lose an amazing 50 lbs of fat in just 4 months and has sculpted his 47-yr-old body into the best shape ever.  He has learned to significantly reduce stress, quiet the mind and get in touch with his spirit like never before.  As a result, he’s been able to free himself from a lifetime sentence of high blood pressure and high cholesterol prescription medications.  More importantly, he’s been able to inspire those around him to do the same.

In his latest release, Body, Mind & Spirit: The Awakening, James explores the root causes of why we overeat, refuse to exercise, live chaotic lives and fail to accomplish the goals that God has intended for our life since the dawn of time.  This is not just another diet or “weight loss” (loss of fat and muscle) book. Diets simply don’t work, and James emphasizes how we need to be more concerned about “fat loss.” In fact, this guaranteed bestseller would be better categorized as a “Negativity Loss” guide: loss of negative fat, negative habits, negative foods, negative people, negative thoughts and negative actions. This guide arms you with knowledge and encouragement to put a plan into action to finally master the things that have long mastered you.

Mr. Hackley received a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics from Longwood College and a Master of Science degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Virginia. He’s an author, inspirational speaker, philanthropist, chaplain of a local chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity and an active member of Holy & Whole Life Changing Ministries International in Loudoun County, Virginia. He is the proud founder and CEO of Omega Consulting Enterprises, LLC and currently lives in Sterling, Va. with his beautiful wife Angela and their daughter Landon. He enjoys exercising, running, meditation, reading and simply being used by God.

Contact Info:
Omega Consulting Enterprises, LLC
P.O. Box 2892
Sterling, Va. 20167
Office #: (571) 315-5923

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